Fiesta Asia Street Fair Kicks Off in (Frangipani) Style

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Frangipani is a popular Asian flower which, besides it's emittance of a powerful scent, represents perfection. Some say they summon subliminal feelings of peace and tranquility. They also represent diversity as they grow in many vibrant shades of crimson, rosy-pink and yellow. So it is befitting that the Asia Heritage Foundation (AHF) kicked off this year's 8th Annual Fiesta Asia Street Fair Frangipani style with an evening of dance, song and a variety of Asian foods at the Gibson Guitar showroom in Chinatown.

"The objective of us doing this festival is to educate, promote and preserve heritage," Wuiping Yap, Executive Director and Founder of AHF, told the audience. "And, in light of all the things that have been happening around the world that are not so pleasant and not so happy, what we can do is to do our little part and bring happiness to you and continue to bring art. We think that's what can continue to grow and raise the next generation into something good."

"The whole idea of continuing this festival is about humanity," Yap added. "We like to break bread with people. We think that when we share some common bond with people, the world will become a better place."

With several hundred dedicated volunteers, the festival has grown from a one-day event into a month long celebration. A street festival will take place this Saturday in Silver Spring (MD). Fiesta Asia Planet Family will take place at the National Zoo, and then the main Fiesta Asia Street Fair will take place in downtown DC on the 18th.

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