Rite of Spring: Sakura Matsuri a Festive Display of Japanese Culture

Billed as the largest Japanese cultural festival in the United States, the Sakura Matsuri featured a family fun day filled with food, arts and culture, merchandise, martial arts demonstrations and live traditional and J-Pop performances on four stages. Thousands, many wearing Cosplay Costumes, packed the festival grounds along Pennsylvania Avenue, just a few blocks from the White House to enjoy one of the highlights of the annual National Cherry Blossom Festival.

Sakura Matsuri is presented by The Japan-America Society of Washington, DC. http://www.sakuramatsuri.org/ 

Many performers came from Japan. They included AUN J Classic Orchestra, shamisen duo Dois Hazuk, comedienne Kaori, Japanese girl group Le Siena, the Tamagawa University Dance  and Taiko Group and J-pop group HIDEKING  project. One of the favorite attractions was the Cosplay fashion show. Chefs Chef Tatsuo Saito and Hironobu Higashijima were featured in the festival’s new Culinary Pavilion.

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