WIPAC: 13th Annual Showcase of Virtuosic Piano Performance

As the international cadre of piano contestants gather on July 30 in Washington, DC for the preliminary rounds of the 13th Annual Washington International Piano Arts Competition (WIPAC), one is transported to a time when the intimate setting of the “salon” piano performances was championed in the 19th century by such great pianists as Chopin.
Devoted to creating a 21st century venue for the finest “amateur” pianists throughout the world to showcase their virtuosic talents and promote the art of piano performance, WIPAC was launched in 2001 by Chateau and John Gardecki as one of the leading piano competitions in the world. 
Now in its 13th year, it is an event that music lovers annually look forward to. This year’s venues for the 5 day event are the Koschiusko Foundation, GWU music school, the Mexican Cultural Institute and the finals and celebratory dinner to be held at the Fairfax Hotel. The Chairpersons for this year’s competition are John Dassoulas and Judith Ramage.
The semifinalists selected after the preliminary rounds will be performing on Saturday August 1 at the Mexican Cultural Institute and they include: Joseph Liu, Geraldo Molina, Andre Leonard, Andy Liao, Max Sung, Lara Fesdekjian, Utako Tanigawa, Mirriam Berro, Esfir Ross and Michael Cheung.
Beginning at 1:40 pm the pianists, all of whom have also devoted their lives to a professional career other than music, will be performing a repertoire which include music by Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Schubert, Brahms, Bach, Debussy, with a special emphasis this year on the music of Beethoven. Everyone is invited to attend and enjoy the performances of  musicians who have set a remarkable high standard in piano performance. They are to be applauded not only for their musicianship, but also for the dedication they have to excel in their own professions as well as pianists. 
The finalists will be selected on Saturday and perform on Sunday beginning at 2:00 pm at the Fairfax Hotel in Washington, DC.

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