As Syrian Refugees Brace for Another Winter, Local Residents Come Together to Help Bring Relief

We all know the story. Millions of Syrian children, women and men continue to be displaced from their homeland as Syria continues to be torn apart at the hands of its dictatorial president Basher al Assad and the subsequent rise of ISIS as freedom-loving Syrians continue their pursuit for change. What many remain blind to is that most of these millions are living in refugee camps under inhumane conditions in neighboring countries such as Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and elsewhere.

Many individuals and agencies globally have responded over the past four plus years with contributions, but many of these refugees still don’t have enough to meet their basic needs. With another winter fast approaching, their needs are even greater. On Saturday, under the oft used phrase “every little bit counts”, the greater Washington, DC community responded with heart-felt contributions of new and gently used winter clothing … enough to fill a 53′ tractor trailer which will help alleviate some of the suffering. In addition, cash contributions, amounting to over $4000.00, were collected to help cover the costs of shipping two containers.

The clothing drive took place in the parking lot of Mount of Lebanon Restaurant in Falls Church, Va and was held under the auspices of the Narenj Tree Foundation. Contributions came from a diverse group of individuals, both Muslim and non-Muslim and from nationalities representing not only Syria, but also Kenya, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Tunisia, Turkey, the United States, Pakistan, Dominican Republic among others.

To learn more about the crisis facing displaced Syrians, or to make a contribution, please visit:


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