DC Area Syrians Support Homeland’s Struggle For Freedom

Activists For a Free Syria, a Washington, DC based organization which aims to raise awareness of the ongoing brutality in Syria and show support for those fighting for the freedom of all of Syria, have intensified their efforts in light of the escalation of violence in their homeland over the past week. They have taken their efforts to The White House in a weekly demonstration of support and raising of awareness to the hundreds of tourists who pass by.

It has been estimated that nearly 8000 civilians and military personel have been killed at the hands of the Bashar al Assad regime in his effort to maintain control over his presidency. Over 200 of those killed have been young children.

The increase in killings comes at a time that Syria has been suspended from The Arab League and sanctions have been imposed upon Syria.

Visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jasmine_Revolution_in_Syria for further information. There are many YouTube videos which document the violence taking place as well.


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