A Taste of Romania Enjoyed by Festival Goers

Having started as a one day picnic in 2005 organized by the Holy Cross Romanian Orthodox Church family, the Romanian community of the metropolitan Washington, DC area can now boast of having the largest festival in the area dedicated to Romanian food, music and culture. This past weekend, the Romanian Food Festival celebrated seven years of promoting all that is great about Romanian culture and those who bring it to life in the DMV for people of all backgrounds to learn about and enjoy.

Weeks of preparation go into making each festival a success. With the dedication of ladies from the Romanian community, authentic Romanian food using recipes passed down from generation to generation is prepared for the event which now, for the first time, runs for 3 days. The festival was held at the Saint Andrew Romanian Orthodox Church in Potomac, MD.

Featured foods were Stuffed cabbage rolls, stuffed grape leaf rolls, stuffed vegetarian rolls, mititei, pastrami, sausages, soups, delicious home made deserts, Romanian wine, Timisoreana and Ciuc beer and more.

In addition to the food, the festival included live music and folk dance performances, raffle drawings, a marketplace featuring Romanian books and jewelry and various activities for children to expose them to Romanian history, folk clothing, pottery and icons. 


2 comments for “A Taste of Romania Enjoyed by Festival Goers

  1. May 21, 2012 at 1:37 pm

    Thanks Didi … stuffed cabbage is very, very good. I agree 100%. There was a lot of good food to chose from.

  2. sri hadi ambarrukmi
    May 21, 2012 at 12:49 pm

    Hi George if I know about it I will come there, I love the stuffed cabbage, I ever have Romanian friend who give some , so i try to look in google the recipe and I try to make it , it's turned so well
    Also I like the potteries because I collect them…….

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