Photo Montage: Bolivian Folkloric Dance Group Morenada Central Va USA Holds Open House

Morenada Central Va USA is one of several traditional Bolivian folkloric dance groups making their home in the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area. This past Sunday, the group welcomed guests and those interested in joining the group to their annual Open House at the Annandale Sports Center in Springfield, Va. was on hand to capture in photos the pageantry, passion and vibrancy which makes the Bolivian community’s sharing of their culture a joy to see.

Morenada is one of several traditional dances originating in Bolivia. It is called the “Dance of the Black Slaves” and represents a music and dance style from the Bolivian Andes. The dance incorporates a mixture of African and Indigenous elements.

The origins of the dance have been debated over the years. Many believe that the dance was inspired by the sufferings of the African slaves brought to Bolivia to work in the Silver Mines of Potosí. The protruding tongue of the dark masks are meant to represent the physical conditions of the slaves. The rattling of the Matracas are believed to represent the rattling of the slave’s chains.

As is the tradition at these open houses, other Bolivian folkloric dance groups are invited to showcase their own dance styles. Participating were: Fraternidad Wacas Aymaras-usa (Waca Wacas), Diablada Boliviana Fscb, Salay Pasión Bolivia-Usa, Fraternidad Cultural Pachamama and Sambos-usa Caporales.

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