Part II of WIPAC’s Fall Piano Concert Series Another Great Success

Noted ­Pianist Francis Conlon performed at WIPAC’s Fall Piano Concert Series Part II evoking a timeless “salon” atmosphere in the intimate setting of the Kosciuszko Foundation. Annotating each piano work with interesting comments, the audience experienced a direct connection with the music as well as with the pianist.  

The most accomplished pianists are those who have honed their musicianship skills to allow their personality to filter through the music. Francis Conlon is such a pianist, as his audience enjoyed the warm and mellow tones of his performance, he demonstrated a gift for choosing tempi that allowed the music to breathe.  

The program consisted of three Domenico Scarlatti Sonatas, A Major, L 483, D Minor, L 413, E Major, L 430; Scriabin’s two pieces for the Left Hand Alone, Opus 9, Prelude in C Sharp Minor, and Nocturne in D Flat Major; the Chopin Polonaise in A Flat Major, 0pus 53; the Prole do Bebe suite by Heitor Villa Lobos; the three Preludes of Gershwin and the famous Rhapsody in Blue.  

Mr. Conlon is a seasoned performer who has performed at Carnegie Hall, the Gardner Museum in Boston, Robin Hood Dell in Philadelphia, Kennedy Center, the National Gallery, the Phillips Collection, the Corcoran Gallery, the Smithsonian Institution amongst many other venues. He has taught at such major universities as George Washington, Georgetown, Catholic University School of Music, George Mason, the Ellington School of the Arts, amongst others.  

The finale of the recital was the Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue. Although the work is usually performed with an orchestra, Mr. Conlon presented his own brilliant arrangement giving a wonderful rendition for solo piano.  

Mr. Eisinger, President of the WIPAC Board of Directors commented that he appreciated Mr. Conlon’s annotations of the music which enhanced the overall experience of the audience. Mr. John Gardecki, Co-Founder of WIPAC shared his admiration for Francis Conlon stating that he is a great asset to the cultural community of Washington DC.  

A special surprise after the recital was a birthday celebration for Chateau Gardecki, Co-Founder and Board Chair of WIPAC.

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