A Musical Journey by Indonesian Diaspora Youth to the Central and Eastern Part of Indonesia

The Indonesian Kids Performing Art (IKPA) is a group of Indonesian youth in the Washington, DC metropolitan are who maintain and foster ties to their homeland through the performing arts. Last night at the Cultural Arts Center of Montgomery Community College in Silver Spring, Maryland, IKPA presented THE COLORS OF INDONESIA: MUDIK YUUK ! Part 2. The show was the group’s yearly performance as the ultimate showcase of all members. The annual events follows a series of small performances and intense practices throughout the year.

Through dance, music and storytelling, the evening showcased different parts of Indonesia, the archipelago of thousand islands with its own unique and distinctive culture.

“Mudik Yuuuk Part 1” showcased the culture and the wealth of art from the Islands of Java, Sumatera and Madura. “Mudik Yuuuk Part 2” showcased the Islands of Kalimantan/Borneo, Sulawesi, Maluku/Spice Island, Irian Jaya/Papua, Bali, West and East Nusa Tenggara.

“Mudik” in Indonesian language means “go home, go back to your roots”. It embodies a feeling of nostalgia that permeates Indonesians or descendants of Indonesia when away from their homeland. There is a need to connect to their roots, even though many live or were born in countries outside of Indonesia.

It also reminds these children that as citizens of the world, they do have another culture that will always be part of them and will enrich their lives in the future.

The event also featured an appearance by Iqbaal Ramadan who is known as the “Indonesian Justin Bieber”.


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