Photo Montage: FDC Founder Travels to Bolivia for Fiesta de San Agustin

FestivalDC Founder and photographer George Newcomb accepted an invitation from friends within the Northern Virginia Bolivian community to travel to a remote area of their homeland to experience one of several religious celebrations which take place throughout Bolivia. He traveled to the small village of Tapacari which lies within the Department of Cochabamba. 

To get to Tapacari, one must travel by car 16 km off the main roadway within the Rio Tapacari. The ride is bumpy, dusty and calls for windows to be rolled up when hitting water criss-crossing along the entire length of the river which contains very little water this time of year. 

The village itself is hilly. It offers authenticity with old homes and men, women and children dressed in traditional clothing.

Augustine of Hippo (San Agustin in Spanish) was an early Christian theologian and philosopher whose writings influenced the development of Western Christianity and Western philosophy.

He died on August 28th, 430 AD. August 28th marks the day of the Fiesta.



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