Local Syrian Community Takes Part in Syrian Day of Rage: A Global Protest

A peaceful protest took place this afternoon in front of the White House to demand an end to the mass atrocities being perpetrated against the Syrian people by the Assad regime, Russia and Iran. Together with activists across the globe, we stood in solidarity with the Syrian people to share our expressions of rage and discontent with the crimes against humanity being unleashed upon our brothers and sisters in Syria.

Towns and villages are being exterminated and Syrians are being forcibly displaced as part of the Assad regime’s Russian and Iranian back ethnic cleansing campaign. We ask that you stand with us to demand an end to the massacres and destruction by Russia’s aerial bombardment, demand an end to the war crimes of Assad’s sectarian militias (Iraqi, Lebanese, Iranian and Afghani), and demand the release of those detained by Assad. Together we will tell the world that it must act now to end the genocide being carried out against the Syrian people.

Peace cannot be achieved in Syria under the criminal Assad regime. This is an appeal to Syrians to unite the revolutionary forces, and to reconfirm the objective of the Syrian revolution to overthrow the sectarian/terrorist regime of Bashar al-Assad and all the symbols of the dictatorship, to win democratic liberties, and that to abandon these fights is to betray the revolution. These are the demands raised by the sovereign revolutionary people.

This is a rejection of the factionalist agendas of certain countries in play for their own interests, and contrary to the interests of the Syrian people, as are being carried out in Moscow and Cairo.

The Revolution Continues


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