Photo Montage: Comite Pro Bolivia presents Concurso de Tinku 2017

The Comite Pro Bolivia, a non-profit organization which has been promoting the Folkloric culture of Bolivia within the Washington, DC metropolitan area for the past 30 years, presented its 2017 edition of Concurso de Tinku at George Mason University’s Center for the Arts Sunday evening.

The Tinku dance represents a Bolivian Aymara tradition. It  began as a form of ritualistic combat. Large tinkus are held in Potosí during the first few weeks of May which is Autumn in Bolivia. It dates back to when the Spanish conquistadors made the indigenous people their slaves. It is native to the northern region of Potosí in Bolivia. In the language of Quechua, the word “tinku” means encounter. In the language of Aymara “tinku” means physical attack.

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