Local Bolivian Community Comes to Aid of Flood Stricken Homeland Village of Tiquipaya

The local Bolivian community of the Metropolitan Washington, DC area responded to the call for helping residents of the Bolivian village of Tiquipaya (Department of Cochabamba) which was devastated with mudslides and flooding a few weeks back. Corazon de America in conjunction with DJ Iguana Productions held a Kermesse entitled Unidos por Tiquipaya in which traditional Bolivian food was sold and served as a way of raising money to aid those affected by the tragedy.

The turnout was tremendous as a non-stop flow of local members of the Bolivian community and friends of Bolivia filled the venue in Fairfax, Va until all food was sold out. Local performing artists donated their time and energy to fill the afternoon with music selections. 

#PatitasPorTiquipaya also sold raffle tickets to raise money to help the local dog population of Tiquipaya as many were left homeless.

Nearly $18,000 was raised with over 1000 plates sold.

Another Kermesse is scheduled for Sunday, March 4th and will be organized by The Comite Pro Bolivia. For details, please visit https://www.facebook.com/events/258308788043761/.

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