Woodbridge (Va) Celebrates Diversity of Area with 3rd Annual International Festival

Presented by the Woodbridge Potomac Communities Civic Association, the 3rd Annual Woodbridge International Festival was held at the Ferlazzo Building atrium this evening as a way of celebrating the richness of the area’s diversity.

Highlighting the evening was the presentation by Diablada Boliviana (Fundacion Socio Cultural Boliviana), a local folkloric dance group representing Bolivia. Their dance, the Diablada (Dance of the Devils), is a primival, typical Andean masked dance.

Also performing were Taste of Ghana, presenting a Ghanaian dance and ROI Band, a Bolivian Musical Group featuring traditional Bolivian instruments. The atrium also featuring samples tastes of El Salvador, Afghanistan and Africa.

Frank Principi, Woodbridge Magisterial District Supervisor, spoke about Woodbridge’s diversity: “Someone once said that there is both beauty and strength in diversity, and tonight we saw both. Prince William County, the community we live in, is now considered a majority minority community. We here in Woodbridge and Prince William County embrace that diversity.”

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