John Gardecki: A Patrician at the Piano

Yes! You could hear the light butterfly flutter in the right hand as pianist John Gardecki had promised, as he effortlessly performed Schubert’s Impromptu Opus 90 during the Washington International Piano Arts Council’s Fall Piano Concert at the Kosciusko Foundation on O Street in Washington, DC. With imagination, clarity and precision Gardecki interpreted the work as Shubert most certainly would have wanted him to, yet still making it his own.

Michael Davidson, President of WIPAC, introduced Mr. Gardecki as a distinguished pianist and a “pillar” of WIPAC, which he co-founded with his wife Chateau Gardecki almost 20 years ago. Gardecki has been described by the Dallas Times as: “a Chopin pianist in the manner born, with Old World Generosity of expression.”

Distinguished for his great musicianship, John Gardecki did not disappoint his audience in opening the recital with the Franz Liszt “Liebestraume.” Other works included the Alexandre Scriabine Nocturne for the Left Hand Alone, the Fantaisie Impromptu of Chopin as well as the Etude Opus 10 No12 by Chopin (the Revolutionary Etude).

The selections and interpretation by John Gardecki of such well known pieces evoked an air of nostalgia of the Golden Age of the piano. Mr. Gardecki gave the pieces time to breath, to unfold, as if they were playing themselves, infusing his personality into the composition. Indeed, he is a rare artist of the piano, who exposes his audience to a life-changing experience.

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